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Body/Mind Healing course

These are the units of a Body/Mind Healing course that we have developed and is currently in use at Antioch University. For a limited time, you can follow along.

Unit 1: The Growing Crisis in Healthcare
Unit 2: An introduction to Mind/Body Healing
2.1 A brief history of mind:body medicine
2.2 The growing power of the placebo effect
2.3 The power of hope and positive thinking
2.4 Spontaneous remission
Unit 3: Taking Charge
3.1 Taking charge
3.2 My body, my cells
3.3 My brain, my mind
3.4 How do I take charge?
Unit 4: The inner conversation
4.1 Developing intuition
4.2 Relaxing and listening
4.3 Meditating
4.4 Visualizing an outcome
4.5 The inner conversation
4.6 Trusting the body’s wisdom
Unit 5: Running the chemistry of stress
5.1 Coping With Stress: Imaginative Solutions for Stress Relief (Martin Rossman; first 30 mins)
5.2 Mindfulness Stress Reduction and Healing (Jon Kabat Zinn)
Unit 6: Running the chemistry of love and joy
6.1 The joy protocol
6.2 Love Potion #9
Unit 7: Creating the healing environment for yourself
7.1 Well being, being well
7.2 Healing with others
Unit 8: Creating the healing environment:
The caregiver perspective
8.1 A caregiver’s story
8.2 An approach to caregiving
8.3 Caretending a healing environment
8.4 Caretender’s participation in healing
8.5 Transformative opportunity for the caretender

The Healing Loops meditations

Based on the Yi Ren Qigong practice developed by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, these are the three simplified energy “loops” Diana practiced during her healing—and still does. Once you’ve listened to them, you can do them anytime, anywhere to increase your healing dose.

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    Susan Hanson

    Wow! I wish I had gotten here sooner! There is SO much helpful info for me…..what a great place to start when being diagnosed…..! <3

  • Reply
    nancy olin heldt

    I just found your site! And LOVE it! I listened to small universe and will take it throughout my day. i love you two!!! xoxoxox

  • Reply

    I was just introduced to your website and look forward to exploring more in depth.
    So far I have only heard snippets of Small Universe and am currently listening to The extraordinary Universe. I love it!
    I’m very excited to continue.
    Thank you for making this wonderful material available!

  • Reply
    Julie Glover

    Just tried the other two healing loop meditations (couldn’t resist!) One thought: I couldn’t always understand what you were saying in the large universe meditation. Maybe have your voice be louder and the music softer? Anyway, the content was great — thank you! :)

    • Reply
      Diana Lindsay

      We really appreciate your feedback, Julie. We will re-record the large universe and add it to the music. We will also add music to the Small Universe and Extraordinary Universe as soon as Eric finishes his opera…

      I still do these meditations every day and often multiple times throughout the day. Once you remember the 3 loops you can practice them anywhere. The sensation of the energy moving through your body grows stronger with time and you’ll enjoy watching where it goes.

  • Reply
    Julie Glover

    Really liked the small universe healing loop (what’s not to like?!)
    About the mind/body healing course: you say “For a limited time, you can follow along.” How long do I have? Time is tight right now but I’d love to delve into this in a week or two. Would that be possible? XO :o )

    • Reply
      Diana Lindsay

      Absolutely! We’d love your feedback. The course is going very well at Antioch and we’d love to know how it translates to any of us interested in delving into the healing potential of these themes.

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