Diana’s story

In April 2006, I was diagnosed with incurable stage IV lung cancer. The odds of making it to 5 years were 1%—the same odds of a caterpillar making it to butterfly. “How do I make it into the 1% Club?” I asked and began my own metamorphosis.

In the absence of any evidence-based solution, I started to ask questions. What makes me, Diana, feel better? What is Life’s medicine cabinet? What is our innate capacity to heal and can we repair it once it’s damaged? Do I have the power like the ancient spiritual texts suggest to make my own medicine? Do love and joy, wonder and gratitude heal my body at the same time they heal my spirit? What is our power to heal each other?

And along the way I discovered that I could “Skype my cells”—and with astonishing clarity, prescience, and even humor, they could guide me through medical and life decisions.

Now more than ten years after given three months to live, I have no evidence of disease but it’s my well-being and connection to life that catches people’s attention and fills me with gratitude.

Listen to or watch the 5-, 15-, or 60-minute versions of my story then go to our Try It page to begin deepening your own healing power.


Diana’s WOW!Story

For WOW!Stories held at the Whidbey Island Center for the Arts, Diana Lindsay was asked, “What can we do when the odds are long and medicine comes up short?” Given a 3-12 month prognosis more than six years ago, her answer is “More Than We Think.”

Talking to Your Cells

This is a 7-minute synopsis of Diana’s WOW story, filmed for the Thriving Communities Health conference that we were unable to attend due to the arrival of our latest grandchild into the world.

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD: Basics of Discovery Model Learning (part 1)

This is part 1 of a three-part series with Dr. Rachel Remen, joined by Commonweal’s Michael Lerner as well as Diana and Kelly Lindsay—co-founders of Healing Circles Langley.

In part 1, Michael Lerner introduces the speakers and Healing Circles community. Diana and Kelly Lindsay give an overview of Healing Circles Langley and the work being done there. Finally, Michael talks about the process work that has been used in the Commonweal Cancer Help Program for decades and is the “curriculum” for the Healing Circles programs developing now.

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD: Basics of Discovery Model Learning (part 3)

This is the third of a three-part series with Dr. Rachel Remen, Commonweal Founder Michael Lerner, as well as Healing Circles Langley Co-Founders Diana and Kelly Lindsay.

In part 3, Michael, Rachel, Diana, and Kelly sit together to explore the important pieces of the day, and bring in audience questions.


The New School podcast

Join host Michael Lerner, founder of Commonweal, as he interviews Diana and Kelly about resilience, hope in the face of overwhelming odds, the full embrace of marriage and an astonishing conversation with her cells.

Frankly Speaking About Cancer radio podcast

The Road to Wellness: Discover the tips and tools you need to cope well with cancer with host Kim Thiboldeaux, CEO and Mitch Golant, PhD, Senior Vice President of Research at the Cancer Support Community with guest, Diana Lindsay, cancer survivor.

18 thoughts on “Diana’s story

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    Lindsay Eddy

    Kelly and Diana, I’m so glad to have gone to this site to remember and revisit your miraculous journey! Your story is remarkable and I love how you love and celebrate life. The only thing that I found in your story to be questionable was in the video on talking to your cells, you stated you had 125 friends come over for a love-in. Really??? Who has that many friends??? On second thought, I know you two can pull that off. Your love of each other and of other people draw us all in. I love you and I look forward to reading your book!

    • Reply

      The number of people who came to the Love-In is not a reflection of us but rather the joy of living in an old-fashioned community where everybody knows your name, helps keep a watch on your kids, and lends a hand when needed. We were very lucky the day we decided impetuously to move to Whidbey Island.
      Thanks for visiting the website!

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        Mary McKenna

        Sorry to disagree dear friend! But the love-in was totally about you and Kelly who make it your life to love and be loved! So grateful to be part of your clan of friends. Much love to you both!

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    Cindy Nierenberg

    You are a true inspiration! I work in a hospital based setting everyday and I see the living and the dying! Positive thinking, laughter, and love are truly instrumental in healing!!!! Xxxoo

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    Cindy Little

    I have been following Diana’s story since it was forwarded to me quite some time ago! I found it inspiring and filled with hope, love and faith that cancer can be stopped in its tracks. It is a story that reminds us all to slow down and enjoy each and every day. We all need that.

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    Loretta Stromberg

    Diana, I knew if anyone could beat your form of cancer it would be you. You have the right attitude and willingness to put in the work. So glad you wrote about it! ove and joy to you.

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    Siri Kloud

    It’s really hard to believe that this story is true. Thank God it is!!!! It’s so wonderful that you are sharing it with so many people and helping them – no matter what their challenging situation may be. You are an incredible inspiration to all of us Diana. xxoo Siri

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    Dana Kelly

    Just so glad you are both in my life! My life has been so much richer for having watched how you have dealt with adversity and turned it into such blessing for your lives and ours. It’s good to be on this journey called life walking side by side with both of you.

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    Nancy Jo

    At least once a month, I hear of a friend, co-worker, relative, friend of a friend, etc, that has some form of cancer or other life-threatening disease. I tell them all your story and share your formula – the power of love, hope, positive thinking and meditation along with eastern and western medicines/treatments, exercise and good nutrition. Your story continues to grow. Love you!

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      You have many Dior nail polishes, haha. I'm the worst at packing; always pack too much and end up not using half of the stuff but at least I don't regret not taking anything with me. But then when it's time to unpack for me it sometimes takes weeks lol

  • Reply
    Craig Collord

    It is all about love isn’t it. So many years, so many memories. Seeing you guys is always like a home coming. Come on home, we miss you……much love and peace,


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    Ellen collord

    I am re reading this miracle joyful story that has inspired me in my own life. I continue to share your hope – it’s what we need. My teaching district had the slogan, “hope is not a strategy. ” I kept reading it all year and shook my head in disbelief. Hope is exactly what is needed in order to make positive change in life. Thank you for sharing your hope and joy of life. It’s Just what I need!

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    Suzanne Schlicke

    What a beautiful and inspiring spirit. Your photographs are as compelling as your story. Hail valiant woman!

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    Wow!!! I have followed Kelly’s blog for some time and have been so very inspired by your story. I am excited to find more about your story and insight as you have walked this road!!!!

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    Carol Crosby

    I have followed your blog since it’s inception and I’m so happy to be able to read Diana’s story now! I’m excited also to hear the interviews and podcasts. You have both helped me remember to live each day, each moment with love, awareness and spaciousness. Thank you!

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    Susanne Fest

    I was very moved and inspired by Diana’s story- and felt that I wanted to learn more. Next I imagined that I was probably not the only one who would feel that way, because many of us want and need to hear stories of healing. That’s why I asked Diana to work with me on the design and teaching of a course on Body Mind Healing at Antioch University Midwest. We are discovering that many students are, indeed, deeply interested in the topic, and have received lots of heart-warming comments. Diana is very clearly an exceedingly creative, gifted course designer, producer of engaging learning materials, and writer. And to top it all off, she and Kelly are an incredibly accomplished problem-solving, tech savvy team ! Working with them has been, and is, a joy !

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    judy thorslund

    Diana, I have yet to hear your story but within a three week period my sister Susie Richards heard you speak on the island, my houseguest Stephan, a young meditation/yoga instructor heard you speak at the monestary on the island, and both felt they experienced a life changing encounter. And then finally this week ,you and my dear new friend Reva Albright connected. Nothing happens by accident and of all the persons in the world who could have connected with Ms Reva and given her Hope, you are the person the universe chose. I am so very happy about this. I remember my dear old friend Tim Healy always telling me what very cool Peeps you and your husband were. I believe Tim is sending mega energy and love your way always and forever. Blessings in your works of love for humanity.

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