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Diana met Kelly Lindsay when he was a biology major and she was a dance and music major at Stanford University. During nearly 40 years of marriage, they have taught college students and children, been global activists, and built the marketing and financial skills to found their own company in 1989. When Diana was diagnosed in 2006 with terminal cancer and given less than a year to live, Diana and Kelly applied all these skills—and many more they’d never heard of—to heal her. Today they inspire patients, caregivers, researchers, and the general public in the United States and Canada to find something more than hope in the face of crisis.

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    Michelle Hills

    Hello Diana, Greetings from a 51 year old never smoker Stage IV LC-ALK+. I stumbled upon your book after reading Anti-Cancer Living. It’s been a great blue print and confirmation that I’m on the right QiGong path! I was diagnosed in September, 2018; same story as the other LC mutants, a lingering cough confused with allergies that didn’t exist. There isn’t a manual on how to do any of this- figuring out how to survive and not screw up. I will certainly advocate for your book to be included on the reading list of the Cancer Center I attend.
    Best, Michelle

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    Beatriz Bee

    God has an amazing way to put you in touch to beautiful people to learn from them! Long story,
    I am so desperate my sister in law has a similar situation as Diana!! Amazing! My husband and I are traveling to Muchigan to be with her! I am so anxious to share your story with her! At this point it is a good idea? Would love to have your book!
    Going to the island today! Where can I get it! Oh thank you!


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    Nancy T

    I was moved by your story. Jill Clark sent your book my way and I’m glad she did. It was interesting how you shared both sides of the story, yours and Kelly’s. It gave the reader greater perspective on what was being shared as well as what was felt by the individual. I passed the book on to a client who is in a similar situation and he was very appreciative. So glad things are working for both of you and that you are enjoying life while inspiring others. Be well…. Nancy T

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    Hi Diana,

    I recently moved to the Island and have watched your journey as I scroll through Drew’s List, etc.

    The woman I am assisting would like me to send her books to influential woman on the Island. I would like to send one to you. May I and if so what is your address? Blessings, Gina

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    Peter Taylor

    Thank you so much for the advance copy of your book. I read it backwards and forwards and loved it all. It reads like a brave, candid love letter to life and to each other. The book is a comforting companion for those of us with unchangeable pasts, presents we don’t understand and futures that might not happen.

    I love how you each explore and explain the science behind the spirituality and the spirituality behind the science.

    I am grateful that you have walked this path and are able to share your discoveries so intimately and eloquently.

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    Cindy Weeks

    Kelly (and Diana) – I continue to be so moved by your story, and inspired by what you post. I am really looking forward to the book – love the back-and-forth idea, since that so fits with what I’ve already heard of how your story came to be! And, it is so important to get these hopeful messages out there about possibilities beyond the initial dire predictions. Some people are naturally optimistic (Diana seems to be one of those – lucky for us who know her!), and others will need this inspiration even more – especially since you ground it so well in the facts.

    BTW – I LOVE the pictures of the two of you! and find myself wanting to know who’s in the rest of them if, as I suspect, they’re part of your “family.”

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    Susan Taylor

    What a gift to all of us your website is, dearest Diana and Kelly. Thank you! Your photography reflects so well your message and yourselves- astoundingly beautiful, inspiring and healing throughout. Enjoyed Unit 1 of your course and look forward to more exploration of it. Your guided meditations bring relaxation and confidence. Such a variety of offerings- I enjoy taking time to look/listen to them all (I haven’t finished that yet.) Filled with joy and gratitude while visiting this site.

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    Rene Neff

    The website looks terrific! I am so excited to read your book having heard about it for years. I know how important it is going to be for everyone who is battling cancer, surviving cancer or care-giving to others who are going through cancer. What you have to offer is unique, accessible to anyone. The knowledge you share is based on the most current research about cancer, steeped in western medicine options as well as tapping into very effective eastern energy and relaxation techniques that can be of value to both the patient and caregivers. Hip Hip Hurray for making this all happen and for your perseverance in so many ways!

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    tandy beal

    i tell everyone i know about you both–and the possibility of a book by you both. as it happens, more and more people are being diagnosed with cancer, and once the doc makes his god pronouncement people have nowhere to turn to see another reality…to have a discussion about a future than noone can predict–altho the docs do… i have too many friends now to suggest they call you–please let me know asap when the book might be ready!

    sending all the best! tandy beal

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    Chris Rich

    April passed on your blogs to me. Wonderful job—deep, inspiring and well-crafted. I hope you’ll publish them as a book so a wider audience can benefit.
    Best to you both,
    Chris Rich

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