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Diana and Kelly Lindsay have written a remarkable account of Diana’s exceptional recovery from stage 4 lung cancer. They faced daunting odds with fierce intentionality and a wise integration of conventional and integrative therapies. Above all, they understand the healing power of love. A beautiful story, well told.

— Michael Lerner, President and Founder,

Diana and Kelly’s moving journeys in the face of cancer affirm that miracles are made — not with blueprints or instruction manuals, but with courage, intuition, intelligence and abiding love. The honesty, humor and insights embedded in each chapter are unique to them as patient and caretaker, wife and husband, yet universal in their depiction of the human heart as it opens and closes and opens again to the onslaught of life in all its rawness and beauty. For those with a life-threatening illness and their loved ones, this book is like a dear friend at your side, reminding you that you are not alone, whatever your path may be.

— Elise Miller, MEd, Director,
Collaborative on Health and the Environment

This book is profoundly engaging and provides an example of transformational learning at its best. It opens up new worlds of possibility for the healing of body, mind and soul, and in that sense it is truly revolutionary.

— Susanne M. Fest, Ed.d., Social Science Concentration Chair,
Individualized Master of Arts, Antioch University Midwest

Diana and Kelly’s companion books bring deep and astonishing new ways of thinking. The humor and the bluntness, the compassion and the clarity, the insights and the inspiration are all great guides for us. Both books have breathtaking images that catapult us into sensation, experience, and empathy and uplift us with their light and lightness.

—Tandy Beal, Artistic Director, Tandy Beal and Company,
and director of shows for Moscow Circus, Nightmare Before Christmas,
Carl Sagan, and many more

The clinical insights are profound and continually inspiring. The uncharted inner journey had me hanging on every page.

— Victoria Locke,
breast cancer survivor

We read the book to each other and shared all the emotional ups and downs, visions, and hopes that the story triggered in our minds. Both Diana and Kelly were able to express the fears, regrets, and questions that we were afraid to express to ourselves and to each other. Thank you so much for the hope you have given us! You don’t know how your words have opened our hearts to face this new life with determination and a clear goal.

— Sara Giswold, caregiver of spouse newly diagnosed
with stage 4 ductal carcinoma

A remarkable story worthy of being told—and retold.

— Elizabeth George, No. 1 New York Times’ best-selling author
of the Inspector Lynley suspense novels

Something More Than Hope/Something More than Everything is a ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting book in which the authors, Diana and Kelly Lindsay, tell the story, each from their own perspective, of Diana’s being diagnosed with a widely-spread, highly aggressive form of cancer and their unwavering determination to forge a path leading back to health.

The Lindsays have done an impressive and extremely valuable piece of work in relating the epic journey they undertook to help Diana recover from her life-threatening condition, and their hard-won learning will be valued by a wide range of readers — from those who are trying to navigate the uncertain waters of serious health challenges for themselves or for their loved ones, to those who simply appreciate a powerful and fascinating read.

For myself, I felt both humbled and awed as I turned page after page, following the Lindsays’ search for healing. Their journey not only included plumbing the depths of modern scientific medicine, together with alternative and complementary healing approaches, but also led them into less well-mapped, but ultimately more powerful territory — that of learning to listen to the innate wisdom of one’s own body and psyche. As they recounted their story with language ranging from wry humor to profound insight and gripping suspense, I alternated between brushing away tears and laughing out loud, sometimes even doing both simultaneously. Above all else, I was left with a heightened appreciation of the miracle of life.

— Betsy MacGregor, M.D., Award-winning author
of In Awe of Being Human: A Doctor’s Stories from the Edge of Life and Death
and Co-Founder of Enso House, A Residence for Care at the End of Life


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