Monthly Archives: May 2013

End of the world—reprise 19

There were several options available to us when Diana’s tumor started growing again in April 2009. For the first time, surgery was on the table with curative intent. As attractive as that sounded, it made no sense to go through such an invasive procedure with possibly debilitating life-long implications if there were still microscopic outposts [...]

To do…or not to do 12

It’s hard to beat a Northwest sunset, especially when most of eastern Washington and good portions of Oregon and Idaho are ablaze. The particulate matter in the atmosphere from the smoke of a raging forest fire scatters light in a way that can be spectacular… sensuous… seductive. We had some stunning sunsets throughout the opening [...]

Don’t believe everything you think 4

The months after the blip showed up on Diana’s CT scan were filled with exercises and expeditions into the extraordinary: explorations of any and all energy healing methods with hands on and minds off; extended forays into the jungles of Buddhist thought and biblical allegory; excursions into the elsewhere seated under dolmens, walking around labyrinths, [...]

Remember to exhale 6

Fear of public speaking is the Number One phobia in the United States according to some surveys, probably conducted by those who say they can cure it. It’s ahead of death, spiders, darkness, and heights and is classified as a performance anxiety, like erectile dysfunction but with the added trauma of a roomful of witnesses. [...]