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Sense and nonsense 3

Several years ago we visited the asylum in San Remy that harbored Vincent van Gogh while he worked out some personal issues and hoped his ear would grow back. Looking through the flawed and inconsistent thickness of glass in the windows overlooking the fields and courtyard turned the olive trees, mown hay, benches, walkways, and [...]

Total immersion 6

When Diana was 13, her family pulled up roots and relocated to Switzerland. She and her younger siblings were abruptly thrown into the local school system and while all four came home the first day in tears, at least they were crying in French. I, too, was transplanted into a foreign culture at an early [...]

Uncertainty 98249 8

When pulled over for speeding and asked if he knew how fast he was going, Nobel laureate Werner Heisenberg replied, “No, but I know where I am.” That joke apparently leaves freshman physics students rolling in the aisles of the lecture hall at MIT. I had to have it explained to me. It has to [...]