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Weight! Weight! Don’t tell me… 8

There are examples in Western literature of Love so profound that the death of one party is followed shortly thereafter by the death of the other from heartbreak. It is a sub-genre of Romantic Tragedy not nearly as popular as it could be because, frankly, it is a commercial dead-end. There is no Romeo & [...]

War zone 7

The radiosurgical strike on Diana’s tumor had met its objective. Accurate targeting. Acceptable collateral damage. Minimal loss of lifestyle. We celebrated, of course, but stopped short of unfurling a “Mission Accomplished” banner not because we were doubtful of the results but because you just never know if heavy-handed hubris is going to turn around and [...]

Waiting and seeing 8

There are five types of desert in the American Southwest: Chihuahuan, Sonoran, Mojave, Big Basin, and Cultural with the range of the latter coinciding with the city limits of Las Vegas. From the middle of any of the other four on a cloudless night of a new moon, far removed from the ambient light cast [...]

Drawing a blank 4

A dream: I walk into an art gallery the size of a high-school gymnasium. Everything is white. Walls. Floor. Ceiling. I’m dressed in white with black shoes. The door closes behind me and vanishes. I walk to the closest wall and peruse it for several minutes as if something were displayed there even though it [...]

Next stop: the Twilight Zone 10

The waiting room during Diana’s first surgery for colon cancer in 1993 was crowded with family and friends. Some needed to be there, to assuage their own worries and insecurities and to lend their presence for Diana’s benefit. A few were there because they needed support themselves but most, I suspect, were there because they [...]