Monthly Archives: December 2012

Slack tide 7

It could be better. It could be worse. An optimist could utter either one of those statements. So could a pessimist. Without another point of reference, neither statement communicates anything other than a complete disregard for the moment. Nothing we did leading up to and surpassing the one-year anniversary of Diana’s diagnosis could entice the [...]

Single-point perspective 10

It seems to be a common assumption that any catastrophic event in life somehow confers the superhuman ability to put things in proper perspective, to know what is truly important. I think it’s more the case that any trauma—or non-trauma for that matter—offers the opportunity to consider a different perspective and ponder what else may [...]

Words fail me 15

Pulitzer Prize-winning Beat-era Zen-lumberjack Gary Snyder once said he wrote poetry because some things could be expressed in no other way. That explains why many of us find some poems incomprehensible. My buddy Miles and I have discussed how words are often inadequate to the task of illuminating certain concepts, whether in prose or poetry. [...]