Monthly Archives: June 2012

And yet it’s raining… 6

Raining in my heart. That’s the end of the Buddy Holly tune that opened my last post. I’ve always thought the best way to listen to Buddy Holly is through the monophonic speaker of a vacuum tube radio. The skips and pops of a vinyl record combined with the static hiss from a station just [...]

The sun is up. The sky is blue. 10

There’s not a cloud to spoil the view. Summer in the Northwest can be spectacular. It might not get here until the first of August, but when it does, memories of a long winter become very short. The summer of 2006 came early and stayed late. My brother Tom and his family moved into the [...]

Misfortune telling 10

Diagnosis, prognosis, ceanothus. The last one is a flowering shrub that left untended overwhelmed our entire flowerbed. The second one threatened to do the same thing to my psyche. The word “diagnosis” is from the Greek roots “dia” (through, between, across, apart) and “gnosis” (to know). With the medical imaging currently available, to know through/between/across/apart [...]

Prince of Darkness 7

I am a product of the age of the atom, when the fun and folly of duck-and-cover drills first revealed to me if not a chink in the armor of my much-adored 3rd-grade teacher, then at least rust on the rivets. Crouching under there on my hands and knees, forehead pressed against the cool linoleum [...]