Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Standards 4

Stardust. Take the “A” Train. Round Midnight. Whether in a combo of renown with a regular uptown gig or busking for spare change with a saxophone on the subway, any jazz musician worth his chops knows these tunes, collectively known in the trade (with others like them) as “The Standards.” They are all recognizable and [...]

The Mending Wall 8

Something there is that doesn’t love a wall And wants it down… —Robert Frost Not only was my mind not a fertile field for anything that smacked of New Age, but it was surrounded by a wall topped with razor wire and broken glass. There’s a fine line between skepticism and cynicism and I’m sure [...]

Helplessly hoping… 6

“… her harlequin hovers nearby…” I loved Crosby, Stills & Nash. I loved their harmonies, melodies, Martin guitars, and especially their album covers. But their lyrics were always beyond me, so I paid very little attention to them. I get the “helplessly hoping” part, though. I wasn’t alone in this; everyone around us felt helpless. [...]

For Emily,
wherever I may find her

—Simon & Garfunkel The only thing worse for a Biology major than thinking the cat in the dissection tray looked familiar was sharing the lab with future doctors. In the eyes of a natural scientist, the sole contribution of premed students to undergraduate education was the ability to horribly skew an otherwise perfectly good grading [...]